The issue: 

Last week Citrix released Citrix Workspace App which replaced Citrix Receiver.  Our clients have started experiencing issues launching applications since the upgrade which was working fine on Receiver. Creating a new account and signing into first time works fine, however, once the user logs off and attempts to sign in again receives an Error message: CAMAuthManErrorNoSuitableLogon-Protocol. DUO is a third party 2-factor authentication service that sends a push notification to the mobile device.

WorkSpace App Version: iOS (1808)


Why is this happening:

One the first attempt the WorkSpace App prompts for the Username & password and the user can see and launch applications seamlessly without issue. However after the user logs out, quits the application and opens it again, the icons are still present but the user is prompted with Username & Passcode. Entering a password in this field still pushes a DUO request to the mobile device but the displays the error message.

Troubleshooting: I’ve checked and adjusted the session policies on the Netscaler, removed the iPAD_iOS session policy leaving just Citrix Web & Citrix Receiver session policies as well as adjusted the priority but this made no difference. I have collected logs and traces and raised a Citrix case for further review. I will provide an update on a resolution when I have one. Update: Citrix has confirmed there is a known issue and working on a fix.

The issue doesn’t appear on Android devices.

Workaround: Users are being asked to browse to the Citrix site via a browser Safari which will launch in the WorkSpace App.