Today I’m setting up a new Storage Zone Controller for our Sharefile UK Site.  Our Sharefile Infrastructure is on-premise and we host the Sharefile data as well as a connector to Network shares.  Basic requirements for adding a Storage Zone:

  1. Network Access outbound to – Control Planes on port TCP 443 See for more information.
  2. CIF/SMB Access to your NAS Server or Network Share on Ports 445 & 137-139
  3. A Service account with permission to the share or permission the NFS share with permission IP.
  4. Storage Zone Name (this will be registered with
  5. Local Network Share Configuration, Share location, service account username and password.
  6. Create a Passphrase and don’t forget it, super important as this is used to encrypt files & locate them.

This is the bit I’m having issues with, after completing the setup and checking the CIF/SMB access is available via Windows Explorer. I get unknown error 1219 check Local Networks Share Configuration.

Resolution: This was actually resolved by rebooting the NAS and Storage Zone Controller. After which I was able to add the site.