The Issue:
If your having problems installing Windows 2012 or Windows 8 evaluation on VMware workstation or player and get the following error message “windows cannot find the microsoft software license terms” Then your most likely using an ISO image and the New Virtual Machine Wizard
12-06-2014 15-01-00
During the setup of the New Virtual Machine Wizard, select I will install the operating system later instead of using the Installer disc image file.
12-06-2014 14-40-41
During the Installation mount the ISO file in VM -> settings -> CD-DVD… – Use ISO image file, and boot.
12-06-2014 14-50-19
The Issue is caused because during the setup of the new VM using ISO file you are required to fill-in the license Key, I know it says you can leave it blank, but as you can see it doesn’t work. Good Luck and Happy Server Building.