From my trusty Blackberry to the iPhone 4S and now I’m migrating to Android. Over the next week, I’ll be discovering the transition to the New Sony Z2 on Android 4.4.

It took me a long time to give up my trusty Blackberry Bold connected to work using the Blackberry Enterprise Server, I liked getting my email, adding calendar events and even working on my notes. The Blackberry was a powerful work device with no Angry Birds for distraction and it had a pretty amazing battery life of 3-4 days.  Then I was handed a new iPhone 4 for Christmas and it was pretty exciting with all the amazing apps and tricks and now 3 years on I’ve been tempted by Sony’s Z2.

Its hard to let go… There are things you come to love with Apple’s iPhone, like just how easy everything is to access. How Siri adds items to your calendar, sends a quick text and get directions. While “Find my Friend” finds your wife lost in a shopping centre. For business it just works with everything I need from meetings to emails and even tasks all natively built-in.


So why the change? …… Check back later to find out.

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