Im working in an environment where there is no direct access to the StoreFront servers. All users connect to the Netscaler VIP wherever internal or external. This is the save the headache of applying ACLs to multiple VLANs across multiple global sites. It’s simple TCP 443 and your have access to your Citrix Apps./Desktops.

I’ve come across an issue where the Receiver kept prompting users for the password after about 30 minutes and they were getting frustrated.
The Netscaler’s Default Session timeout is 30 minutes and you can change this something else. In my case we changed this to 600 minutes for internal users and 60 minutes for external users. This is defined in your session policies.

So heres the issue:
After 2 Hours the timeout stops working and users are no longer prompted for the password, this means we can’t offer say a 4 hour timeout.

Netscaler VPX Firmware:

The next stop will be test on another firmware level.