I’m not a massive fan of Apple products, but I do like the iPhone 4S and the fact that things normally work as expected, i.e. it does what it says on the tin and it’s really simple to use. iOS5 was good example of the operating system as it should be for most applications and I know Siri was just in beta testing and just a bit of fun for “Find out the Weather or time” in another country.

However I’m slightly disappointed with iOS6, my phone seems a little slower to react to requests and Siri is getting things wrong, like understand what I said. I tried one function “Define Cucumber”  and the results came back empty. The GPRS on the maps is also out by about half a mile. Its understandable that Apple have redesigned their OS, but surely more testing should have been done before releasing this version.  Apple seem to discontinue support for their productions too quickly, why couldn’t Siri be made available to the iPhone 4 or the iPAD2? I brought my IPAD2 just 9 months ago and already it’s been superseded.

Update: 9th November

Having no choice but to use iOS6 I’m getting use to it, sure YouTube had to be reinstalled and I lost all my favorites but no real lost. I’ve been using the iphone as a sat nav and it does the basic job of getting from A to B, It has also come in handy when I was looking for a Pizza Take away and wanted to know what was on at the nearest cinema. Good ideas do take time and effort, if you have an Apple you just have to like it or use something else.