Apologies for missing updates, I’ve just had an operation on my knee and recovering. However, I’m excited to be playing with Amazon Web Services (AWS).  This isn’t the first time I’ve looked at cloud services and have tinked with Microsoft’s Azure. We host a couple of KEMP Load Balancers in VMware Cloud and Azure to look into our Network and monitor sites and services.

This is just a little fun project I’ll be working on over the next few weeks in addition to my other Citrix work.

Today I’ve been looking at the following AWS services, EC2, IAM, route 53.

AWS allows you to take a free basic account for a year which is great if you’re just learning the concepts of AWS service and how they could be useful.


EC2 – (Elastic Computing) is the Computing aspect of the service and gives you instant access to building machines from Windows 2016 Basic to Suse Linux. You can also have a SQL server already built, but you might need to pay extra for that.  Today I just created a simple Windows 2016 server 1GB memory and 1 Core CPU for a Web Server.


IAM –  (Identity and Access Management) I created a new user account here and assigned it to a new security group. You can apply 2-factor authentication here and I look forward to diving in deeper here.

Route 53 – (DNS Management) Using one of my registered domains I’ve created an A record here to point to the new web server I created in EC2 and pointed the domain to the AWS name servers. It’s going to a take a while before the Nameserver change takes affect, but should point to the new site I created when its ready.