I’m returning to a project I haven’t touch for a couple of months, purely down to the fact I have another 6 projects on the go. Anyway I’m testing RSA over Citrix and need a test Citrix server and there’s no point using a license for a non production server which will be scraped after testing is complete. So I have an evaluation version of Windows 2008 R2 and this morning I received the error “Windows must be reinstalled” An unauthorized a change was made to Windows. Windows must be reinstalled to activate. Insert the Windows installation DVD or CD into your computer to begin the reinstallation process.



  1. Open a “Run As Administrator” command window
  2. Type: cd %windir%\system32
  3. Type:cscript slmgr.vbs -rilc
  4. Reboot

Notes: I’ve seen other blogs with simlair issues on Windows Vista and licensed servers, I recommend you try this approch first as it can’t really do any harm. You will of course need to know your license keyif you have to reactivated. This approch worked for me, but there are no gauentees this will work in all enviroments.

Also See: How to extend the Windows Server 2008 evaluation period http://support.microsoft.com/kb/948472