I’m in the very slow process of migrating over to Windows 7 from Windows XP. Although I don’t think I will ever completely stop using XP, because things just work!
Part of the process of migrating to 7 is to install the Windows Support Tools for Active Directory and Exchange 2003 system manager. These are challenges alone and I mite just have to deploy these tools over Citrix. Let see!
So I’ve backed up my old XP PC using NTBACKUP which millions of people would be doing over a number of years and I want to restore documents to my Windows 7 PC.
Where the hell is ntbackup? …………
Oh right its not included in Windows 7 so are we meant to keep using Windows XP for files restores?? Only if you have your backup on tapes, but not if you have your backup images on USB storage.
If your in the same boat as me you will find the following link useful, as Microsoft have offered ntbackup available as a download. http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=974674

Please note this tool is only available for restores and not new backups.

This also applied to Windows 2008 R2