Name: Nicky Crancher

Job: System Analyst (3rd Line support)

Qualifications: GNVQ Advanced in Technology, BTEC, Microsoft Certified Professional, Citrix Certificated Administration

Introduction: I’ve be studying and working with technology since the Amstrad CPC 464, which is sometime back in the late 80s. At college I had the joy to work with Windows 3.11 on DOS 5.0 and then  later 6.22 🙂 on a novell BUS network! Since then I haven’t stopped learning about the technology. I decided to follow the Microsoft route as this was more common back in the day and stuck with it. Now I work with some of Microsoft’s latest products for an international service provider as a third line engineer. My skill set is not just limited to Microsoft products but a range of other vendors, such as Citrix and Veritas.

I’ve decided to setup this website because the freedom of information is critical for other service engineers and we all rely on the Internet as a good source of information. Im hope that the information posted will help other in need of answers.

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